About Us
Manikanda Handicrafts was started by Rajeev’s father, M.V Manikanda. His grandfather, M.V Velayudhan Achari and now Rajeev himself are in this field. The demand of Aranmula Kannadi paved the way to flourish their business and now they have started exporting Aranmula Kannadi to various parts of the world like America, Europe and gulf countries. Manikanda handicrafts are blessed with a team of fully dedicated, energetic staffs who are keen and expert in their work. Manikanda Handicraft provides products at the most affordable price possible.

Features of Aranmula Kannadi
  • The aranmula kannadi is not created from glass but from a special metal alloy.
  • It is a front surface reflection mirror so the secondary reflection are aberrations typical of back surface mirrors are not present.
  • It is famous for its sercretive construction method and uniqueness in the make which get Patent protected with a Geographical indication tag.
  • The mirror making process is very special and traditional. It may take months to complete an aranmula metal mirror.
  • Many people believe that owing an aranmula kannadi brings good luck to their home.
Aranmula Kannadi
This metal mirror resembles the glass mirror in every respect and any object placed against it is reflected with complete clarity without any refraction in as much as the image falls just on top of the surface of the metal mirror unlike the glass mirror where the image falls on the mercury coated surface inside the glass. (Technically speaking the Aranmula kannadi is a front surface mirror while the traditional glass mirrors are back surface mirrors – front surface mirror does not suffer from refraction of light). Only real image is captured in the Aranmula kannadi.
Caring for your Mirror
Always keep the mirror under room temperature away from heat and dust. Do not touch by fingers on the reflective surface. Finger prints with moisture should be cleaned off immediately preventing corrosion.
Cleaning the Mirror
Sprinkle red oxide powder, blue or talcum powder on the mirror and hold it in a slant position allowing the dust and other particles rolled off from the reflective surface. Use cotton wool and rub the surface very softly and smoothly in vertical direction.
In case of any fungus formation just use few drops of edible oil on the affected portion with the fingers and rub it for one or two minutes and then clean it as mentioned above. The red oxide process of cleaning can be repeated continuously five times or until you get the original reflection.
Do not use any other metal polish on the mirror.